Sweet Chariot

5.48m Ribcraft with a Suzuki DF140 four stroke outboard


Port & Stilton Diving Club

Fun and adventure


This sectionn is all about the diving club. It is sub divided up into relevant setions and links.

The Port and Stilton Diving Club was formed in 1996 when the first Rib was bought. This was a 4.8meter Ribcraft named Splish Splash that served the small group until 2003 when the club/group numbers grew and a BIGGER boat was needed.


In 2003 the club took possession of a 5.8 meter Ribcraft that was a flat packed form. This was dualy fitted out with a Suzuki DF140 four stroke. It was put into service that year and has been the transport to many a great dive.


But as with any club its only as good as its people !!!

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